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From intermediary to developer of flexible accommodation

From intermediary to developer of flexible accommodation

A flexible accommodation provider with a unique profile in the market, which makes life easier for companies: that was Bert Verheij`s vision when he founded HomeFlex in 2008. In doing so, the following were important: good management, a high degree of flexibility, flexible notice periods and no unexpected costs later. Below you can read how our company has grown to become a leading provider of accommodation to flex workers.


Solutions for double housing costs and home seekers

In the early years of HomeFlex, many private individuals faced double housing costs due to the crisis. At the same time, many companies were looking for accommodation for migrant workers. Bert brought together supply and demand, by renting homes from private individuals. With a complete all-in concept, he subsequently let out these homes to companies requiring staff accommodation. In this way, private individuals could cover their double housing costs, and migrant workers were given a good place to live.


Management of empty property for housing corporations

From 2009, many urban developments came to a standstill. Housing corporations let out their property to HomeFlex, to prevent properties from remaining vacant during periods when existing residents were moving out. This created a win-win situation. HomeFlex took responsibility for the complete management, and housing corporations generated income by letting out homes to HomeFlex.


Partnership with investors

Due to the low interest rates from 2014, investors increasingly sought opportunities to generate higher returns. This meant it was also interesting for investors to work in partnership with HomeFlex. By purchasing a home and then letting it out to HomeFlex, they were assured of a monthly income.


SNF certified

In 2014, we achieved a major milestone: we earned certification from the Foundation for Flexible Living Standards (Stichting Normering Flexwonen, SNF). This organisation monitors our homes to make sure they comply with the standard for accommodation for migrant workers. Our properties are inspected annually. We also regularly inspect the homes ourselves in respect of living space, fire safety, hygiene, sanitary facilities, kitchen facilities and compliance with the house rules. Thanks to the SNF hallmark and our own inspections, we can increase the supply and use of exclusively certified accommodation.  


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Growing demand for rental accommodation for migrant workers

Since our founding, the demand for rental accommodation for migrant workers has grown steadily. However, as the end of the crisis approached, the supply of homes became increasingly limited from 2016. At the same time, the demand for labour increased, and thus also the demand for staff from abroad. This meant we needed to find new solutions for companies and temporary employment agencies working with migrant workers.  


Project development flexible living

As a result of the scarcity in the housing market, we began looking for solutions, and developed a flexible living concept for accommodation for migrant workers. This involves regular consultation with municipalities. The concept can be fully adapted to the wishes of the municipalities. But while it is a custom solution, we are able to realise it rapidly. One example of this is a successful accommodation complex for migrant workers in the municipality of Katwijk. This project consists of 16 housing units with 64 beds, private parking facilities, a bicycle storage area and green space. See projects.


Flexible living on holiday resorts

Holiday resorts are another solution to the limited supply in the housing market. This is why we have had a presence on several holiday resorts since 2017. We rent the homes on the holiday resort for a large part of the year, and then let these out to companies who wish to accommodate migrant workers. In this case, it is also important that the homes comply with the standards of the SNF.


10 years of HomeFlex

In 2018, we achieved another milestone: our tenth anniversary. This was a major celebration, and more than 30 of our staff also moved to a new office building: Molendijk 16 in Sliedrecht. A building with a rich history. During the Second World War, this was the starting point of the dangerous sailing route of the Line-crossers. During the winter of 1944-1945, they brought people from Sliedrecht, which was still occupied, to Brabant, which had already been liberated.


Non-stop expansion of accommodation

HomeFlex continues to grow. In 2017, we accommodated around 2,000 migrant workers per week. This grew to 2,500 in 2018, and is now more than 3,000. To achieve this, the departments within our company have had to make a considerable effort. The Procurement and Commercial departments handle the renting and letting of properties. This requires close co-operation with the facilities management department and the field service department. 


Our vision for the future

Our focus during 2019 and the years thereafter will be project developments and finding new homes. Now that it has become apparent that there is a major shortage of accommodation for migrant workers, we are in discussion with various municipalities. Our goal is to realise a living concept similar to that in Katwijk in multiple regions. Several development are already under way in Zeeland, Gelderland, Westland and Brabant.