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Temporary rental accommodation with a flexible contract

Temporary rental accommodation with a flexible contract

Are you looking for an accommodation solution for migrant workers?

Let HomeFlex take care of this responsibility. We can take care of everything for you, and are extremely flexible. This means that you rent from us on an all-inclusive basis, and that it is possible to rent a home from as little as one week. You pay a fixed fee. We let out homes as temporary accommodation. These are fully-equipped SNF-certified homes.

HomeFlex is responsible for the management of these properties, and our own staff inspect them every fortnight.  


Fully-equipped homes

Your foreign staff will live in fully-equipped homes. Our portfolio includes various types of accommodation. These include apartments, detached homes, as well as family homes and homes on holiday resorts. The homes have a living room, kitchen and sanitary facilities. We have homes with 1-person and/or 2-person bedrooms. WiFi is also present as standard in our homes.

Needless to say, there are house rules related to cleanliness, drug use, alcohol, smoking and nuisance.


What can you expect from our property management?

Our staff have access to the home at all times. This means that we can effectively manage the homes, and that you can be sure the accommodation is organised properly. We make clear agreements and are available 24/7 in emergencies. We safeguard quality by offering a full service and fortnightly inspections.  

Are there homes available at present?

Due to our flexible procurement and notice periods, our portfolio is subject to rapid change. Would you like to know whether we have homes available for your foreign staff? Please contact us without obligation via e-mail or by phone. We would be happy to help.