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A flexible living solution in Westland

As a result of high demand for accommodation in the municipality of Westland, the possibilities for realising flexible accommodation via HomeFlex are currently being explored. The greenhouse horticulture industry offers many employment opportunities, including employment at a variety of levels and in various sectors. A large number of staff are required for production work. Migrant workers make an important contribution to the (greenhouse) horticulture industry in Westland. The municipality is taking its share of responsibility by facilitating accommodation for migrant workers. Good accommodation is very important. When realising new accommodation opportunities, involving the local area is an important condition for success. We would like to keep you informed about developments on this page.

On 14 March, a walk-in meeting took place to inform local residents about the construction of accommodation for flex workers on the Elsenbosch industrial estate on the Burgemeester Elsenweg in Honselersdijk. Employers, council members and local residents were present to view the plans. The preliminary plans that were presented and the information and frequently asked questions about this project can be downloaded below. If you have any questions or comments, you may contact us via the following e-mail address: elsenbosch@homeflex.nl

Informatiebrochure ElsenboschHuisvesting arbeidsmigranten Naaldwijk - plannen architectInrichtingsplan Elsenbosch concept