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We are always happy to answer questions

We are always happy to answer questions

Due to the pressure in the labour market in various sectors, the demand for foreign workers is increasing. The `SEO Economic Survey` estimates that around 500,000 migrant workers make a total contribution of more than 11 billion Euros to the Dutch economy. It is important that these migrant workers are provided with adequate accommodation.


Good neighbours

We are an SNF-certified company, and maintain full in-house control of the management of the properties. This means we can operate independently, and can also take account of the interests of neighbours. We always try to find a moment to get to know the neighbours of a home that we plan to let out. With our flyer for neighbours, we aim to inform the neighbours about HomeFlex`s working methods and about how they can contact us.

What can you expect from us?

  • House rules for residents
  • Fortnightly inspections
  • A fixed point of contact
  • Available for questions
  • 24/7 availability in emergencies


Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or remarks about accommodation for migrant workers in your neighbourhood? Then please contact us today. We would be happy to help. Contact us via our contact page.