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Accommodation with the quality of permanent homes

Accommodation with the quality of permanent homes

Every situation and every municipality is different. This is why HomeFlex delivers custom solutions. We begin by holding discussions with the municipality about the possibilities and requirements. Architects then develop a mass study appropriate to the local environment and your municipality.

We work with our own concept: flexible accommodation with the quality of permanent homes. One example of this is the flexible living concept that we realised in Katwijk in May 2017. The complex offers accommodation to 64 migrant workers, divided across 16 living units. Each unit consists of a common living room, shower, toilet and four separate bedrooms. Each apartment is situated such that the front door is directly adjacent to the exterior area as much as possible, which makes it easier to manage and monitor the property. In our eyes, this is an example of how flexible accommodation should be.

In addition to the construction, we also take care of the management of the property via weekly inspections. In this way, we can safeguard the quality of life and ensure that the house rules are observed.

In partnership with the municipality, we will also prepare a communication plan, with the objective of entering into a dialogue with local residents and other stakeholders about the local area. This plan includes organising an information evening and setting up a feedback group.


Do you have any questions about how we work with accommodation and migrant workers? We would be happy to talk to you without obligation. You may reach us by calling +31 (0)184-820082 or e-mailing info@homeflex.nl. It is also possible to visit our flexible living complex in Katwijk.