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At HomeFlex, we have developed a unique concept. We accommodate flex workers in fully-equipped homes, and are also responsible for all management. Companies rent our homes to accommodate staff, and pay an all-inclusive fee for temporary accommodation.

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Our unique concept

Flexible Rent a house for a week or more

Complete The houses are complete furnished

Personal One contact for all

All-inclusive Competitive prices

Full service Technical service

Certificated HomeFlex is certificated by SNF

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The best solution for
flexible living!

We realise temporary, modular accommodation for flex workers. In these apartments, every resident has their own bedroom, own sanitary facilities and a spacious living room. These projects are realised thanks to a close partnership with municipalities. 

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`We organise the management
and you receive a monthly income`

Are you moving abroad temporarily, and do you want to retain your home? Are you looking for a solution for your empty property? Do you want to invest in real estate? These are all reasons to rent out your home or property to HomeFlex.

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